Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Norfolk Practical Visit

I have just returned form the River Nar in North West Norfolk where the WTT Conservation Team have undertaken a Practical Visit (PV) with a local fishing club.

The section of river we worked on suffers from the effects of over-shading and being over-wide. There is very little variation in bed depth and marginal cover. The river is also suffering from an excess loading of silt (sedimentation) which is possibly entering the system from agricultural sources higher up in the catchment.

Over three days 'Team PV' introduced Large Woody Debris and narrowed the river using trees felled from the shaded banks. In total around 500 metres of river has been enhanced. The effect of the works was pretty instant with new scouring flows creating much needed pool habitat and the purging of fine sediments from spawning gravels.

The PV demonstrates first hand the techniques fishing clubs need to learn to improve their waters and acts as blueprint for other projects on the rivers they control. The cost of the visit (worth around £1800) is subsidised from partnership and corporate sources. The only cost to the recipients is to arrange accommodation for the team during the visit. (preferably near a pub serving fine ales!)

The project on the Nar was jointly funded by WTT and the Environment Agency. Equipment and the PV Trailer is sponsored by Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd.

If you would like an assessment of your fishery with a view to arranging a PV and starting a project of your own, please email projects@wildtrout.org and we'll do our best to help!

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