Wednesday, 5 May 2010

About time...

Finally and after much 'encouragement' from colleagues and friends, I have taken over the WTT Director's blog from Simon Johnson...

I will try to use this spot to spread snippets of WTT news - things achieved and worthy of celebration and work in progress.

First off, WTT Chairman Edward Twiddy and I met last week with EA Head of Fisheries, Mat Crocker and Charlotte Hitchmough of ARK, on the Kennet at Marlborough to look over a project run with Action for the River Kennet (ARK) and Windrush AEC. This small-scale project is a really good example of a multiple partnership to deliver low-cost habitat and amenity improvement. More broadly, the EA offers WTT excellent support for our programme of Advisory and Practical visits, as well as some really important regional projects, so meeting with Mat Crocker was a good opportunity to start to consider how WTT can help with efficient and cost-effective delivery of river habitat improvement in the new order, post 6/5/10.

Off to visit an improvement project on the Itchen now. Maybe more to follow on that.

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