Monday, 3 November 2008

Getting Your Passport To Wild Trout Heaven

As promised in my last blog I thought I would expand on the fishing passport schemes. Currently there are four initiatives being run by:

  • Eden Rivers Trust - Go Wild

  • West Country Rivers Trust - Angling 2000 (Devon & Cornwall)

  • Tyne Angling Passport - Tyne Rivers Trust

  • Wye & Usk Passport - Wye and Usk Foundation.

Between them the schemes represent some of the most enjoyable, accessible and affordable wild trout fishing in England & Wales. But the real beauty of the schemes is that they link farming, fishing and the environment. Many of the beats have been sourced as a direct result of habitat restoration works undertaken by individual rivers trusts. By marketing the fishing the farmer gets an income and will look upon the river as a asset. A river that is viewed in this this way by the people that own and manage means that it is much less likely to get damaged and polluted in the future.

All income (minus a small admin fee) goes back to the farmer for the maintenance of the beat.

WTT in conjunction with the Association of Rivers Trusts has launched a new website which acts as a gateway for fishermen wanting information on all four schemes.

By far the best organised and largest scheme is the Wye and Usk Passport scheme. With over 40 beats and 6okm of high quality fishing the opportunities and variation in rivers types is enough to keep even the most ardent of fly fishers occupied for some time!

For between £5-£10 you can not only enjoy some fantastic fishing but you are also putting something back into the sustainable management of the rivers, burns, etc in these beautiful catchments.

Go on.......... Go Wild!

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